• 自動駕駛汽車的壞處英語作文(自動駕駛英文作文)

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    本篇文章給大家談談自動駕駛汽車的壞處英語作文,以及自動駕駛英文作文對應的知識點,希望對各位有所幫助,不要忘了收藏本站喔。 本文目錄一覽: 1、英語作文《開車的好與壞》




    1,Nowadays, it is generally acknowledged that the automobiles make our life convenient.Some argue that they play an essential role in our modern life and we can not live well without automobiles.People drive their cars to go to work which saves more time and energy.


    2,But some other people believe that a great many of problems can be brought by the automobiles. First of all, much tail gas released by cars harm pollutes the fresh air gravely. Secondly, too many cars result the roads in blocked. Finally, fast driving makes people crazy, which can account for so many traffic accidents.


    3,As far as I concerned, it is no doubt that vehicles contribute to our economic development exceedingly. But if we overuse it, many undesirable consequences can be surely caused, which contains highway accidents, air pollution and so on. So at this moment, we must take measures to avoid these happen.



    無人駕駛汽車的正負面影響:Driverless vehicles can greatly reduce the occurrence of traffic accidents, thus reducing the probability of traffic congestion caused by accidents. Secondly, smart cars can monitor real-time road conditions through satellite navigation, so as to plan the best route, rather than the phenomenon of vehicles getting together now.

    Driverless technology greatly depends on satellite navigation technology. Once the signal is disturbed or even interrupted, driverless is impossible to talk about. Imagine that Google driverless car can't receive the information from Google map on the way, wouldn't it lead to great disaster.





    Go over what is learnt regularly and finish doing our homework carefully, we should look up new words in the dictionary before class and prepare each lesson carefully before class. 學英語是要花費時間的. What', watch English films and TV programmes ,we'、經常復習我們所學的,就要馬上更改并盡力別再犯同樣的錯誤、看英語電影和電視節目,最好聽英語廣播. If we make mistakes,我們一定會學好英語的、記筆記. Besides;s more.如果我們出錯了、讀英語故事和報紙;d better isten to English radio programmesLearning English takes time so if we want to learn it well, we should listen to the teacher and take notes carefully in class, correct them at once and try not to make the same mistakes.如果我們有時間. I believe if we work hard and have good ways of learning English,因此我們要花大量的時間每天練習使用英語、認真完成作業, we will learn English well, we should spend much time practicing using English every day,keep a diary in English .并且我們在課前要查字典認真預習.我相信如果我們努力學習并且有好的學英語方法. If we have time、用英語記日記, read English stories and newspapers.而且我們應該上課認真聽講


    the advanteg and disadvantage of car

    For the present, vehical already beomce one important part of daily life. Among the busy city, it could be found every where , certainly it plays very importnat role in the city developing. But ,we have to judge it objectively. You know, for its pollution, the city's envirnment suffer great impact. the sky is not blue as ever.



    First, the advantages of college students driving cars:

    1. With a car, the quality of life will be greatly improved, while young people, especially college students, are lively and active, like traveling and engaging in activities, and learn to drive, which is more convenient.

    2. Knowing computer, English and driving skills is an essential magic weapon for every young person, especially college students. Mastering more skills will add a weight to the chances of success in the journey of going to the society to seek jobs.

    Second, the disadvantages of college students driving cars:

    1, this is ahead of the consumption of college students to learn the car, does not mean that they will become car owners during their college years.

    2. College students driving to school will bring difficulties to the traditional campus management of colleges and universities, and then affect the teaching work of colleges and universities.






    1、這是超前消費 ?大學生學車,并不等于在大學就讀期間就要成為有車一族。


    在線等,汽車對我們的利與弊 英語作文

    A rapid increase in the consumption of fossil fuels such as oil and coal seen after the industrial revolution has resulted in a rise in temperature, which exerts an influence over the ecosystem and increases wind and water damage. The emission of CO2, which represents a typical greenhouse gas, has been increasing since fiscal 1990, in ordinary households and in the transportation sector.

    Resources used for automobiles are roughly divided into oil and metal resources. For oil, which has been supporting the automobile society, the time remaining before depletion is being prolonged, but in view of increasing consumption, the absolute amount may decrease. For mineral resources, it is said that the amount presently mined per month greatly exceeds the total consumption of mineral resources before the beginning of the industrial revolution!

    The ozone layer surrounding the earth absorbs most ultraviolet rays in the sunlight and thus protects the living creatures on the earth. The use of CFC-12 for automotive air conditioners, which destroys the ozone layer, was fully discontinued in 1995 but there is still a problem of how to collect and completely destroy CFC-12 from end-of-life air conditioners.

    Some people think that the automobile has improved modern life. Others think that automobile has caused serious problems. What is your opinion? Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

    The advent of automobile has made the world change. There are two aspects of change: advantages and disadvantages. Some say that the automobile has improved modern life while others think hat automobile has caused serious problems. I myself endorse the first opinion because I think its advantages are helpful for our modern life.

    First, automobile has a very important standing in economic. With the appearance of it, a new industry was born. This industry has increased and broadened quickly for many years. It is so important that number of automobile can be produced will evaluate the economy ability of one country. For instance, Japan is classified in the top richest countries in the world because of its fast growth industries especially, automobile industry. Besides, when look at a car, we can see that it reflect many others achievements of mankind such as: petrol, metal, fashions and so on. The development of automobile industry will lead those industries to grow with it. On the other hand, automobile- producing system creates jobs for many people in the world so it distributes stable lives for these people.

    Second, not only important in economic, but it is also useful for people 'life. Automobile can take us to far places much quicker than before. It makes us not feel difficult and complicated when wee want to go or travel to another place. It also saves time, money in moving for us both in far or near distances. Besides, it has many other advantanges. For example, it can help people carrying small or cumbersome things from one place to another place.

    To summarize, I want to say that I think automobile is one of the most exceptional inventions of mankind because of its benefits above. However, automobile has only advantages, it also has disadvantages but if without it, our life will be more difficult and uncomfortable