• 自動駕駛的利與弊英文作文(自動駕駛汽車的好處和壞處英語作文)

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    無人駕駛汽車的正負面影響:Driverless vehicles can greatly reduce the occurrence of traffic accidents, thus reducing the probability of traffic congestion caused by accidents. Secondly, smart cars can monitor real-time road conditions through satellite navigation, so as to plan the best route, rather than the phenomenon of vehicles getting together now.

    Driverless technology greatly depends on satellite navigation technology. Once the signal is disturbed or even interrupted, driverless is impossible to talk about. Imagine that Google driverless car can't receive the information from Google map on the way, wouldn't it lead to great disaster.





    學開車的利弊學開車的利:1 多一項技能,現在很多單位招聘的時候對駕照有相應的要求。

    2 對手腳并用還有方向感的鍛煉也很好。自動檔這方面可能簡單一些,但是手排檔的車很鍛煉四肢的協調力,有助于大腦。

    3 對性格的塑造也有一定的影響,到達一個目標有多種方式,學會開車的時候免不了就是要換道路道達目的地,學開車以后會不知不覺考慮處理事情的多種道路。面對緊急事件的時候的判斷力(不僅限危險情況)也會鍛煉到,這個就比較難描述了。還有對選擇的決定力等等吧。

    4 多一種享受生活的方式,就像樓上說的,有空的時候開車出去兜兜風,確實很愜意.學開車的弊:弊端,就是具有一定的危險性,時常聽說有車禍發生,還有車了后,污染嚴重,不利于環境保護??傊?,無所謂好壞,需要就去學,不需要也沒必要跟風


    話又說回來,車子買得起,城市道路建設跟不上,一些城市可能會控制車輛保有量,車子的證照今后肯定是越來越難辦了,不打算買車的話,不學也無所謂,可以雇司機. Pros and cons of learning to drive

    Learning to drive the benefits:

    More than one a skill, a lot of units when the recruitment requirements of a corresponding license.

    2 pairs of hands and feet still exercise a sense of direction is also very good. Automatic transmission in this area may be easier, but hand-gear the car is the coordination of the limbs strength training, helps the brain.

    3 on shaping the character has some impact, to reach a target number of ways, learned to drive, want to change the road when the road is inevitably reached the destination, the future will unwittingly learn to drive a variety of things to consider dealing with the road. When faced with an emergency in the sense (not only dangerous situation) will exercise that, the more difficult to describe. There are decisions on the selection bar, and so forth.

    4 Multi-way kind of enjoy life, like upstairs said, have time to drive out of the car, really nice.

    Disadvantages of learning to drive:

    Flaw, that is with a certain degree of risk, often heard of the accident, as well as car, the pollution is serious, is not conducive to environmental protection.

    In short, neither good nor bad, need to go to school, do not follow the trend did not need to

    If you think of yourself in the future there will be a car, or early learning is better, according to the private car test a C on it, six years before the first trial, again in the future may have to change the fuel tax, the car is not running not for money at home , on the road as long as the oil money, fine.

    Then again, the car affordable, urban road infrastructure to keep pace, some cities may be control of vehicle ownership, the car's license in the future is certainly more difficult, and do not intend to buy a car, I do not learn it does not matter, you can hire a driver.






    求幫寫英語作文 寫未來的智能汽車(smart car)

    Many years later, we are driving smart cars on the road. Smart cars are amazing. They can take you sightseeing in the sky or to the sea.

    Whenever you go to school and mom and dad can't send you to school, the smart car will drive automatically. As long as you tell its address, the smart car will take you to the place you want to go. Send it to school and tell it to be smaller, smaller , make the smart car as small as a mobile phone, and then put it in the bag, you can go to school.

    After the holiday, we can take the smart car to travel, go to the city or go to the countryside. When there is a traffic jam, the smart car will grow a pair of wings and fly past the vehicles in front. When you have trouble finding a place to stay, the smart car becomes a place to stay for the night.

    When you are at the seaside, the smart car will become a submarine and take you to play in the sea. In the submarine, the window opens slowly. I can touch the sand and stone with my hand, and then I touch the small fish. Then you will find that the water outside the window will not flow in.

    Do you want a car like this?







    Go over what is learnt regularly and finish doing our homework carefully, we should look up new words in the dictionary before class and prepare each lesson carefully before class. 學英語是要花費時間的. What', watch English films and TV programmes ,we'、經常復習我們所學的,就要馬上更改并盡力別再犯同樣的錯誤、看英語電影和電視節目,最好聽英語廣播. If we make mistakes,我們一定會學好英語的、記筆記. Besides;s more.如果我們出錯了、讀英語故事和報紙;d better isten to English radio programmesLearning English takes time so if we want to learn it well, we should listen to the teacher and take notes carefully in class, correct them at once and try not to make the same mistakes.如果我們有時間. I believe if we work hard and have good ways of learning English,因此我們要花大量的時間每天練習使用英語、認真完成作業, we will learn English well, we should spend much time practicing using English every day,keep a diary in English .并且我們在課前要查字典認真預習.我相信如果我們努力學習并且有好的學英語方法. If we have time、用英語記日記, read English stories and newspapers.而且我們應該上課認真聽講

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